20 songs released in 1965 you must hear


The Year 1965 summary

  • The first US combat troops arrive in Vietnam. By the end of the year, 190,000 American soldiers are in Vietnam.
  • Rhodesia unilaterally declares its independence from Britain
  • Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and more than 2,600 others arrested in Selma, Ala., during demonstrations against voter-registration rules
  • Malcolm X, black-nationalist leader, shot to death at Harlem rally
  • Blacks riot for six days in Watts section of Los Angeles: 34 dead, over 1,000 injured, nearly 4,000 arrested
  • Movies: Dr. Zhivago, The Sound of Music
    Deaths: Winston Churchill, Nat King Cole & T.S. Eliot

My rules:

  • Only one song per artist/group
  • The song must be released that specific year
  • Songs from live albums not allowed
  • Restricted to only 20 songs

20 songs you must hear from 1965

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20 songs released in 1974 you must hear


The Year 1974 summary

  • OPEC ends the oil embargo begun in 1973 during the Yom Kippur War (Mar. 18).
  • Nixon and Brezhnev meet in Moscow to discuss arms limitation agreements. Background: nuclear disarmament
  • Leftist revolution ends almost 50 years of dictatorial rule in Portugal (launched Apr. 25).
  • India successfully tests an atomic device, becoming the world’s sixth nuclear power (May 18).
  • Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia is deposed. A collective military dictatorship assumes power (Sept. 12).
  • House Judiciary Committee adopts three articles of impeachment charging President Nixon with obstruction of justice, failure to uphold laws, and refusal to produce material subpoenaed by the committee (July 30).
  • Richard M. Nixon announces he will resign the next day, the first President to do so (Aug. 8).
  • Movies: Chinatown, The Godfather Part II, Day for Night, Blazing Saddles, The Towering Inferno
  • Deaths: Bud Abbott, Dizzy Dean, Duke Ellington, Charles Lindbergh, Ed Sullivan

My rules:

  • Only one song per artist/group
  • The song must be released that specific year
  • Songs from live albums not allowed
  • Restricted to only 20 songs

A lot of wonderful music was released in 1974, very hard to pick only 20.

  • Forever Young – Bob Dylan

    Written in Arizona in 1972 and recorded in California in November 1973. The song first appeared (in two different versions, a slow and a fast) on Dylan’s 1974 album Planet Waves.
    A demo version of the song, recorded in New York City in June 1973, was included on Dylan’s 1985 compilation Biograph.

    May God bless and keep you always
    May your wishes all come true
    May you always do for others
    And let others do for you
    May you build a ladder to the stars
    And climb on every rung
    May you stay forever young
    Forever young, forever young
    May you stay forever young.

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20 songs released in 1962 you must hear


Earlier posts:

The year 1962 – short summary

  • France transfers sovereignty to new republic of Algeria (July 3)
  • Cuban Missile Crisis: USSR to build missile bases in Cuba; Kennedy orders Cuban blockade, lifts blockade after Russia backs down (Aug.-Nov.)
  • Cuba releases 1,113 prisoners of 1961 invasion attempt (Dec. 24)
  • James H. Meredith, escorted by federal marshals, registers at University of Mississippi (Oct. 1)
  • Marilyn Monroe dies of a drug overdose at age 36
  • Johnny Carson takes over hosting duties of The Tonight Show
  • The first transatlantic television transmission occurs via the Telstar Satellite, making worldwide television and cable networks a reality
  • Movies: Lawrence of Arabia, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Manchurian Candidate, Divorce-Italian Style
  • Deaths: Niels Bohr, William Faulkner, Ernie Kovacs & Eleanor Roosevelt


  • Only one song per artist/group
  • The song must be released that specific year
  • Songs from live albums not allowed (that’s another & more complicated list)
  • Please feel free to publish your own favorite songs from 1972 in the comments section…

AND lists like this are supposed to be fun! Don’t take it too seriously.

Here we go…

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The 25 Best Songs by Lars Winnerbäck [part 2]


Part 2 of my countdown.

Part 1 -> The 25 Best Songs by Lars Winnerbäck [part 1]


15. Et Slags Liv


Jag har aldrig drömt om diamanter
Jag har aldrig drömt om guld
Jag har drömt för att få vila en stund
Från ärenden och skuld

Från en kall och blåsig vinter
Från ett inarbetat mönster
Jag är ingenstans på vägen
Men det lyser i ditt fönster

From the album “Hosianna” (2013).

Live @ Göteborgs konserthus 2011:


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Unreleased song: Bruce Springsteen – Freehold


I was born right here on Randolph Street in Freehold
Here right behind that big red maple in Freehold
Well I went to school right here
Got laid and had my first beer
In Freehold

Today we have found a great “story-song” from Bruce Springsteen that has never been officially released.

This is a sweet and funny song that appeared for the first time live on 8 Nov 1996 in Freehold, NJ. Freehold/ In Freehold is never officially released and I think it has only been played live (not recorded in studio). It is a song in the same vein as Growing Up, but set at an earlier age and in a less serious tone.

The debut of the song was at The Ghost Of Tom Joad Solo Acoustic Tour (Freehold 8 Nov) and it has been played around 20 times after that. It is speculated that the song was written specifically for this event. It was a sort of homecoming show in the sense that he grew up in Freehold, but hadn’t played there since 1967. Bruce Springsteen left Freehold in 1968.

Freehold (first performance, audio):


springsteen tj_tour

In 1999 he added a verse based on true events:

Freehold (1999 version):

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Unreleased song: Bruce Springsteen – The Loosin’ Kind


The Unreleased series

Today we present one of the best of the still unreleased tracks from the Nebraska sessions, The Losin’ Kind. The song started out as The Answer an early home demo with slightly different lyrics.

The melody is reminiscent of Highway Patrolman (Nebraska) and the story is about the same as in the song Highway 29 (The Ghost of Tom Joad), and I’m guessing that these similarities will keep the song in Springsteen’s vault.

As I said the song started out as The Answer before it became The Losin’ Kind and both versions are in circulation:

The Answer (The Losin’ kind acoustic demo) was recorded in fall 1981 (sometime between September and December), at Thrill Hill Recording  in Colts Neck.

The Losin’ Kind (the “finished” version) were probably taped on 03 Jan 1982 at Thrill Hill Recording. There are records of a third version, but I’ve not heard it and I don’t think it floats around the web.

Let us hear the song.

The Losin’ Kind:

Incredibly good ! …and will hopefully be included on Tracks part 2 (if that is ever released…)

From Brucebase:

The Nebraska sessions were never conceived to result in a commercially released album. Bruce’s intention was to create a batch of multi-channel, professional sounding, finished solo demos to demonstrate to The E Street Band at sessions for the follow-up to The River album due to start in New York City in February 1982. By creating professional demos Springsteen felt the band sessions would progress faster than they had for his previous three albums.

To achieve his goal in December 1981 Springsteen asked his guitar technician, Mike Batlan, to set up a no frills “porta-studio” in a spare room of Bruce’s Colts Neck, NJ home. Some modification work was done to the room to make it more receptive to achieving a decent sound. Batlan purchased a Teac Tascam (Series 144) 4-track cassette recorder, 2 x Shure SM57 mics and 2 x mic stands. The sound was mixed through an old Gibson Echoplex and an old Panasonic boom box acted as the mix-down deck.

Springsteen recorded during the first few days of January, with the bulk of the songs recorded in one all day/night session on January 3, 1982. There were 15 songs recorded and some of them were recorded 2 or 3 times in slightly different arrangements. However two or three months later, with a few of these 15 songs by-then earmarked for coverage by the E Street Band, Springsteen recorded 2 additional songs (“My Father’s House” and “The Big Payback”) at home on the same equipment – thus making a total of 17 different songs…

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