Video Of The Day: Taylor Swift´s Wonderful Performance Of “All Too Well” @ The Grammy’s 2014

I must admit that I know very little about Taylor Swift and her music. But reading Michael Robbins great book “Equipment for Living: On Poetry and Pop Music” inspired to check out this performance.

It was – well, cards on the table, I think it was transcendent. Someone forgot to tell her the Grammys are a joke. She got her Stevie Nicks on, banging her locks and singing pretty much in key, hunched over the piano like a velociraptor and tearing the meat off its bones. On record, the song is one of her best, but on that night, on my television screen, for as long as it lasted, it was the best song I´d ever heard.
-Michael Robbins

It sure is a helluva performance.. I might need to check out more music by this Swift lady.

After, as the applause swelled, she cast s stony lizard gaze on the assembled royalty as if she´d forgotten who they were. As if she was sure they hadn’t learned a thing. I could not believe what I´d just witnessed..
-Michael Robbins


One thought on “Video Of The Day: Taylor Swift´s Wonderful Performance Of “All Too Well” @ The Grammy’s 2014

  1. ‘All Too Well’ is a lyrical masterpiece, in my opinion. A lot of people don’t give Taylor Swift enough credit as a songwriter. They look at songs like ‘Shake It Off’ (which, although not amazing lyrically, was catchy and a metaphor in and of itself. As Taylor put it “Life and who people are can be greatly reflected in how they dance. I really think that…and I don’t mean how good you are, I mean your willingness to dance.”), then write her off. Some of her most amazing songs, like ‘All Too Well’, never end up becoming singles. She has the uncanny ability to add very personal details into her songs while still making them relatable. Plus, she can sing some really heartbreaking lines while keeping the songs upbeat. When Ryan Adam’s covered the entirety of her 1989 album, many critics praised him for finding the sadness which was already there in the first place. His versions were good, but it still irked me to read reviews that said he helped people discover that Swift is a great songwriter. She is a great songwriter, but people were too busy being the musical hipsters Swift pokes fun at in songs like ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ to notice. As soon as the media started its unhealthy fixation on her life, people started attacking her for writing songs about love (which literally everyone does). Although she has plenty of songs not about love, they used the fact that she likes to write about love to discredit her as a songwriter. It became cool to hate her and trivialize her work. She has said herself many times that she is a songwriter first, and I agree. You should listen to more of her songs. Not just the singles (her singles are great lyrically as well, i.e. ‘Begin Again’, ‘Red, ‘New Romantics’, ‘The Best Day’, ‘The Story Of Us’, etc.), but ones like ‘State of Grace’, ‘Clean’, ‘Dear John’, ‘Treacherous’, ‘Enchanted’, ‘Sad Beautiful Tragic’, ‘The Moment I Knew’, ‘Breathe’, etc.. I like to first listen to her songs to enjoy the melody. Then, I like to listen to them while focusing on or reading the lyrics. They really are beautiful and poetic.

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