Feb 2: Van Morrison @ Winterland, San Francisco 1974 (Classic concert)

Van Morrison at the Winterland Feb 2, 1974

Van Morrison remains seated and playing acoustic guitar for most of this show.  This footage is in black & white and concentrates entirely on Van Morrison. It’s an incredible set-list and the delivery is first class.

The Band:
  • Dahaud Shaar: drums
  • James Trumbo: keyboards
  • Ralph Wash: guitar
  • David Hayes: bass
  • Dorothy Morrison: backing vocals
  • Bill Combs: backing vocals

I want to single out Just like a woman:

Set List:

  1. Ballerina – 5:42 (Astral Weeks)
  2. Streets Of Arklow – 5:13 (Veedon Fleece)
  3. Just Like A Woman – 5:28 (cover of the Bob Dylan song from Blonde On Blonde)
  4. Try For Sleep – 5:27 (later released on The Philosopher’s Stone)
  5. Into The Mystic – 5:38 (Moondance)
  6. I Just Want To Make Love To You – 3:59 (cover of the Willie Dixon blues song that also appeared on It’s Too Late To Stop Now)
  7. Moondance – 5:40 (Moondance)
  8. These Dreams Of You – 3:35 (Moondance)
  9. Listen To The Lion – 9:04 (St Dominic’s Preview)
  10. Wonderful Remark – 5:07 (a song that missed the cut for Moondance and finally appeared on The Best Of Van Morrison)
  11. Warm Love – 3:00 (Hard Nose Down The Highway)
  12. Help Me – 3:19 (a cover of the Sonny Boy Williamson II song)
  13. Here Comes The Night – 3:43 (a song Van Morrison first recorded with Them)
  14. Gloria – 3:34 (a song Van Morrison first recorded with Them)
  15. Caravan – 8:14 (Moondance)
  16. Cyprus Avenue – 10:07 (Astral Weeks)

Full concert (it is magical!):

For audio check out:

– Hallgeir & Egil

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