May 9: Bruce Springsteen – St Luke’s, London 2006 (Full concert video)

bruce springsteen london 2006
A fabulous 2006 Seeger Sessions Show. The one I’ve watched the most from this tour.

Bruce Springsteen – The Seeger Sessions Live, a video recording of a May 9, 2006 performance in London’s St Luke Old Street church, was filmed by the BBC and also broadcast in the U.S. by PBS. (wikipedia)
Recorded at St. Luke’s in London’s East End, Bruce Springsteen performs an intimate concert of songs selected from his new album, WE SHALL OVERCOME: THE SEEGER SESSIONS, a collection of standards and spirituals popularized by the legendary Pete Seeger. Springsteen’s UK concert performances have thrilled the critics, with THE INDEPENDENT raving, “an astonishingly rich evening … his music has rarely sounded more spontaneous or vitalizing than this,” and THE OBSERVER adding, “Springsteen and the Seeger Session band were an inspiring triumph.” Among the songs featured are “John Henry,” “O Mary Don’t You Weep,” “Pay Me My Money Down,” and “We Shall Overcome.” (

bruce springsteen london 2006


  1. John Henry
  2. Mary Don’t You Weep
  3. How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?
  4. Mrs McGrath
  5. My Oklahoma Home
  6. Jacob’s Ladder
  7. We Shall Overcome
  8. Pay Me My Money Down

Broadcast on BBC Radio 2 and televised (in part) on BBC4 and in high definition on BBC HD. Concert held in the 18th century St. Luke Old Street church, now a music centre operated by the London Symphony Orchestra. Two runthroughs of “O Mary Don’t You Weep” and “Mrs. McGrath”, while “Jacob’s Ladder” requires a restart after an amusing Bruce mistake. Available on several DVD presentations and on CD “The Church Sessions” (Godfather). (