May 18: The Who – Live @ Charlton Athletic Football Ground (the Valley) 1974 (Videos)

The Who Charlton 1974

..It was also the day before my twenty-ninth birthday. I wasn’t just drunk by the time of the concert – I was smashed. Fortunately, it went off OK.
~Pete Townshend (from “Who I Am”)


Sat, 18 May 1974:
London, Charlton Athletic Football Ground

  • Roger Daltrey – lead vocals, harmonica
  • Pete Townshend – lead guitar, vocals, tambourine
  • John Entwistle – bass guitar, vocals
  • Keith Moon – drums, percussion, vocals


  1. I Can’t Explain
  2. Summertime Blues
  3. Young Man Blues
  4. Baba O’Riley
  5. Behind Blue Eyes
  6. Substitute
  7. I’m A Boy
  8. Tattoo
  9. Boris The Spider
  10. Drowned
  11. Bell Boy
  12. Doctor Jimmy
  13. Won’t Get Fooled Again
  14. Pinball Wizard
  15. See Me Feel Me
  16. 5.15
  17. Magic Bus
  18. My Generation
  19. Naked Eye
  20. Let’s See Action
  21. My Generation Blues
A youtube playlist:

From wikipedia:

Live material from 1974 that has seen release all comes from the group’s performance at The Valley in Charlton, London on 18 May and has appeared on the following:

  • A medley including “Naked Eye“, “Let’s See Action”, and “My Generation Blues” appears on the Greatest Hits Live compilation album.
  • The “Naked Eye” medley also appears, along with “Young Man Blues,” “Tattoo,” and “Boris the Spider,” on the 2007 compilation album View from a Backstage Pass.
  • “Substitute”, “Drowned”, “Bell Boy”, and “My Generation Blues” appear on the Thirty Years of Maximum R&B Live video and DVD.

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