May 25: Keith Moon’s Last Concert with The Who (1978)

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Keith Moon May 1978 Shepperton Studios

This concert was Keith Moon‘s last show with The Who.

On the 25th, Who fans and the members of the bands Generation X, The Rich Kids, The Pretenders and The Sex Pistols assemble at Shepperton Studios in London for an impromptu Who concert. Jeff Stein films performances of “Baba O’Riley” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again” for The Kids Are Alright movie but The Who give the audience an almost complete concert. At the end of “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” the performance reaches a dead stop and The Who walk off the stage. Stein, realizing this will make an awful ending to the movie, gets The Who to go back on stage and perform the song again. This time The Who put everything into the ending and the crowd is encouraged to go wild. This ending will be grafted onto the earlier take for the finished film.

The Who 25 may 1978

Won’t Get Fooled Again:

Moon’s final performances

The film incidentally became a sort of “time capsule” for the band, after Keith Moon died only one week after he’d seen the rough cut of the film with Roger Daltrey. Moon, according to Daltrey, was deeply shocked by how much he’d changed physically in just 15 years, “from a young good-looking boy to a spitting image of Robert Newton”. After Moon’s death, the rough cut did not suffer a single change, since neither Jeff Stein nor the rest of the band wanted to turn the film into an homage to remember Moon’s passing, but to celebrate his life and career with The Who.

Moon’s last performances with the band were:

  • The clip for “Who Are You” — Last studio performance. Jeff Stein wanted to show The Who recording in the studio, even though the band had already finished recording the song. Stein planned to have the band mime over the original recording, but The Who played it live at the Ramport Studios, London, on 9 May 1978. The only playback tracks were Entwistle’s bass guitar, the acoustic guitar solo in the middle, the backing vocals and synthesizer track.
  • The show at Shepperton Studios, London, on 25 May 1978—Last live performance.


Baba O’Riley – Multiple Camera Angles:

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