Listen: Warren Zevon – Classic Concert @ Auditorium le Plateau (Montreal, Quebec) – July 30, 1978

This performance, recorded in 1978 after the release of Excitable Boy, captures that pivotal moment in time, just as Zevon was riding up the hit single charts with “Werewolves of London.” His band is a bit ragged and Zevon’s vocals are certainly an acquired taste, but his spirit and performance more than makes up for any weaknesses. Fans of that breakthrough album will be delighted here, as that material weighs heavy in this performance.

Auditorium le Plateau
Montreal, Quebec
July 30, 1978

  1. Mohammed’s Radio
  2. Excitable Boy
  3. Accidentally Like A Martyr
  4. Nighttime In The Switching Yard
  5. Poor, Poor Pitiful Me
  6. Werewolves Of London
  7. Certain Girl
  8. Desperados Under The Eaves
  9. Lawyers, Guns And Money
  10. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
  11. Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner

This is clearly emphasized on the Excitable Boy material, including the title song about a high school age sociopath’s murderous prom night. Zevon’s deadpan sense of humor is also apparent on the sarcastic “Lawyers, Guns, and Money,” “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner,” and of course, “Werewolves of London.” He also performs the uncharacteristically jazzy “Nighttime in the Switching Yard” and one of his most brilliantly written narratives from that album, “Accidentally Like a Martyr,” the song that included a line that Bob Dylan would lift as the title of his return-to-form album, Time out of Mind. (Dylan would also cover this song in his own performances.)


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