April 4: Van Morrison in Grugahalle, Essen 1982

Televised as a Rockpalast Special; The correct date for the Van Morrison show is Sunday April 4. The Rockpalast Night where this show was taken from started on April 3 around 11:00 pm with Rick James. Van played the second set and this was around 1:00 am on April 4. Therefore date of the actual show started on April 3 (in the late evening) and ended on April 4 (in the early morning). The broadcast date was the following evening April 4. Most of the Rockpalast shows are broadcast the date following the actual show. Hence the show was played over the 3rd and 4th of April 1982. It was broadcast live across Europe on April 4, 1982 that evening. This is why this show sometimes circulates as April 3 , 1982 (panicstream.net)

TV Show
Grugahalle, Essen
4 April 1982

Lenght: 1h18m10s


  • Van Morrison
  • John Allair – keyboards
  • Tom Donlinger – drums
  • Pee Wee Ellis – saxophone
  • David Hayes – bass
  • Mark Isham – trumpet
  • Pauline Lozano – backing vocal
  • Chris Michine – guitar
  • Annie Stocking – backing vocal
  • Bianca Thornton – backing vocal
  • Peter Van Hooke – drums


0:00:30 High Place in Your Mind
0:04:05 Into the Mystic
0:06:22 Moondance
0:08:30 Wavelength
0:12:30 Full Force Gale
0:14:47 Bright Side of the Road
0:18:05 It’s All in the Game
0:24:10 She Gives Me Religion
0:28:35 Northern Muse (Solid Ground)
0:31:55 Vanlose Stairway
0:36:25 Help Me
0:41:30 A cappella backing singers
0:44:52 Celtic Ray
0:48:04 Dweller on the Threshold
0:52:25 Satisfied
0:57:15 Cleaning Windows
1:02:00 Summertime in England
1:13:58 Scandinavia

In “Summertime In England” Van channels Bob Dylan writing Idiot Wind. Watch @ 58:10 in the video.

“What’s good is bad, what’s bad is good, you’ll find out when you reach the top. You’re on the bottom.”

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3 thoughts on “April 4: Van Morrison in Grugahalle, Essen 1982

  1. Hi, great find this us on your site. Brings back lots of memories. I don’t understand what you’re telling about the broadcasting date. Rockpalast in the ‘80s was always live direct on German national television and also direct on Dutch radio, broadcasted by VARA on Hilversum 3. I recorded this show on cassette and still enjoy it very much after all these years.

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