the 25 best concerts 2015 according to Hallgeir

It’s time to look back at the concerts I attended in 2015. I saw 59 shows, these 25 are my favourites. Rayland Baxter, Undergrünnen and, especially, Lydia Loveless were the biggest pleasant surprises.

The biggest dissapointment was Calexico, I love the band, really like the last album, but they did not play to their full potential on the concert I saw (hell, they were boring, and that’s the worst I can say about a show). …but I will buy a ticket the next time they come visiting.

Anyway, these are the 25 best concerts of 2015:

25. Jon Byrd, 15. oktober, Ferkingstad

Jon Byrd Ferkingstad list-1

24. Doug Seegers, 24. June, Oslo

23. The Handsome Family, 24. June, Oslo

22. Torgeir Waldemar, 12. June, Bergen

21. Matthew E. White, 11. June, Bergen

20. Andrew Combs, 21. Januar, Oslo, John Dee

19. Bob Dylan, Oct 2, Oslo

18. Wovenhand, Jul 15, Oslo

17. Frøkedal med Familien, Jul 15, Oslo

16. Bob Dylan, Oct 3, Oslo

15. Justin Townes Earle John Dee, 21. Januar, Oslo

14. Jackson Browne, 12. June, Bergen

13. Rayland Baxter, 24. June, Oslo

rayland baxter oslo-1

12. The Mastersons, 4.nov, Oslo

11. Bob Dylan, 1. oct, Oslo

10. Spidergawd, 13. feb, Haugesund, Skala

spidergawd skala-1

9. St. Paul & The Broken Bones, 12. June, Bergen

St Paul year end-1

8. John Grant Bergen, June 12 Bergen

7. Patti Smith (playing the album Horses), 11. June, Bergen

6. Justin Townes Earle, June 24, Oslo, Vulcan arena

JT Earle year end-1

5. Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell, Jul 15, Oslo


4. Undergrünnen, 9. des, Oslo, Revolver

3. Paul McCartney, Jul 7, Oslo, Telenor arena


2. Lydia Loveless, May 6, Oslo, Buckley’s

Lydia Loveless year end-1

1. Steve Earle with The Mastersons/The Dukes, Nov.4, Oslo  Rockefeller



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