Great Spotify Playlist – Classic Rock & Jazz

small faces all or nothing

When my favorite Norwegian music magazine – BEAT – died for the 5th time back in 1997, the journalists were asked to create a playlist (or rather a C60 tape back then) containing the best music ever.. in their opinion. The time limit was 60min (C60 tape).

Some of the lists are really great and I will share them in a series of posts, starting with Arild R. Andersen‘s list which consists of classic rock and some jazz.

  1. The Rolling Stones – the last time 1965
  2. The Small faces – All or nothing 1966
  3. Led Zeppelin – Good times bad times 1969
  4. Frank Zappa – peaches en regalia 1970
  5. Miles Davis – Sivad 1971
  6. The Weather Report – The Moors 1972
  7. Birthday Party – Zoo-Music Girl 1981
  8. Nick Lowe – Soulful Wind 1994
  9. Jack Bruce – Folk Song 1995
  10. Bill Frisell – Gimme A Holler 1997


Spotify link -> Arild R. Andersen playlist

zappa hot rats


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