Ida Jenshus at Smio, Veavaagen , Norway Septemeber 9 2016 (Videos & Pictures)


We’ve had the pleasure of seeing Ida Jenshus in concert many times, but never in such an intimate setting as last night.
It was magical.  It was just like a night by the fireplace with good friends, good music and something good to drink.


Starting Over Again – Song #1:

She tours Norway this September with drummer Pål Hausken. They manage to make the intimate big, the drums are not just a rhythm track but an integral part of the melodies. The duo format fits the songs and they play off each other.



Daniel Lanois seems like an obvious inspiration for the “soundscapes” and I often found myself thinking of Neil Young’s very underrated album, Le Noise.  Ida Jenshus played a few new (great songs) and favourites from her very fine catalogue. We also got two covers, two beautiful piano ballads from Bonnie Raitt and Willie Nelson.


They tape every night on the tour, and we might get a live album from this concert series. She also told us after the concert that her new album will be ready next year and she also play shows and records with J.D. Souther in USA. We look forward to hear the results from their collaboration.


#4 – Shallow River:

Home Motel (Willie Nelson) – Ida Jenshus @ Smio på Vea, Sept. 9, 2016:

Ida Jenshus is still one of the most exciting artist in Norway and she gave us an incredible concert last night.


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