Bob Dylan: 5 Great live versions of “Gates of Eden”

Of war and peace the truth just twists
Its curfew gull just glides
Upon four-legged forest clouds
The cowboy angel rides

Written by Bob Dylan for his fifth studio album Bringing It All Back Home and recorded January 15, 1965.

Performed 217 times live, first @ Symphony Hall, Boston, Massachusetts – Oct 24, 1965 & last @ Kingsford Smith Park, Seagulls Rugby League Football Club, Ballina, New South Wales, Australia – Mar 31, 2001.

Hollywood Bowl
Los Angeles, California
3 September 1965

The lamppost stands with folded arms
Its iron claws attached
To curbs ‘neath holes where babies wail
Though it shadows metal badge

Jones Beach Theater
Jones Beach State Park
Wantagh, New York
30 June 1988

The savage soldier sticks his head in sand
And then complains
Unto the shoeless hunter who’s gone deaf
But still remains

Huntsville Convention Center
Huntsville, Alabama
19 April 1993

With a time-rusted compass blade
Aladdin and his lamp
Sits with Utopian hermit monks
Side saddle on the Golden Calf

Köln, Germany
11 May 2000

Relationships of ownership
They whisper in the wings
To those condemned to act accordingly
And wait for succeeding kings

Kosei Nenkin Kaikan
Osaka, Japan
7 March 2001

The motorcycle black Madonna
Two-wheeled gypsy queen
And her silver-studded phantom cause
The gray flannel dwarf to scream