Full Dylan album covered: Blood On The Tracks

Full Dylan Album Covered: Bob Dylan – Blood On The Tracks


Blood on the tracks is my favourite Bob Dylan album, and it is the one of his albums I play most often. I love it, one of the best albums ever recorded.

This is a post where I have dug out some cover versions of the songs on the record, none of them are as good as the originals, but they’re good and they are interesting. Let us do it the old fashion vinyl  way.

This is side one:

1. Jerry Garcia Band – Tangled Up in Blue – 7/9/1977 – Convention Hall:

2. Simple twist of faith covered by Jeff Tweedy:

3. You’re a big girl now covered by Kurt Wagner from Lambchop:

4. Idiot Wind covered by The Coal Porters:

5. You’re gonna make me lonesome when you go covered by Miley Cyrus featuring Johnzo West:

That was the first side of this classic album ending on a bit of a country twang. Well, let’s get to side two:

1. Meet me in the morning covered by David Gray (audio only):

2. Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts- David Rawlings and Gillian Welch At the Fillmore – March 1, 2018:

3. If you see her say hello covered by Ron Sexsmith:

4. Shelter from the storm covered by The Weber Brothers:

5. Buckets of rain covered by Neko Case (Austin City Limits):

Lovely music, great composer and some good performances.

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3 thoughts on “Full Dylan album covered: Blood On The Tracks

  1. Mr. Olsen, I am a big Dylan fan myself. I have followed him since the 60’s. I have all of his originally released commercial recordings. I’ve stopped short on getting every version of the “Bootleg Series” releases. This is not a brag. It is to say that I share your appreciation for Dylan’s music. All of it. But, just like you, I’d pick “Blood On The Tracks” as my favorite. I especially liked the “Bootleg Series” versions, unbelievably, but after all these years, even better than the originally released version. Thank you for you posts. They are fun and informative and they lead me to new avenues that I always find interesting. This was a cool post. I can think of better versions of some of these songs by other artists. You’ve posted some of them. Not sure that I’ve seen Shawn Colvin doing any “bloody” songs from you. Guessing you are going for variety.

    1. Thank you, and yes I did go for versions that aren’t very well known or at least not presented too much on Dylan sites or Dylan groups on Facebook.

      I will definitely check out Shawn Colvin’s «bloody» tracks 😊👍🏻

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