Bob Dylan: 10 Brilliant live versions of “Tangled Up In Blue”

Early one mornin’ the sun was shinin’
I was layin’ in bed
Wondrin’ if she’d changed at all
If her hair was still red

Studio version
Recorded: December 30, 1974
Recorded location: ound 80 Studio, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Producer: Bob Dylan
Engineer: Paul Martinson

Performed onstage: 1975-76, 1978, 1984, 1987-2018 -> 1685 times
First time: Nov 13, 1975
Last time: Aug 28, 2018

Boston Music Hall
Boston, Massachusetts
21 November 1975 – Evening

Her folks they said our lives together
Sure was gonna be rough
They never did like
Mama’s homemade dress
Papa’s bank book wasn’t big enough

Charlotte Coliseum
Charlotte, North Carolina
December 12, 1978

Then she opened up the Bible
And she started quotin’ it to me
Jeremiah chapter seventeen
From verses 21 and 33.

St. James’ Park
Newcastle, England
5 July 1984

He had a steady job and a pretty face,
and everything seemed to fit.
One day he could just feel the waste,
he put it all down and split.
And he headed down to New Orleans,
where they treated him like a boy.
He nearly went mad in Baton Rouge,
he nearly drowned in Delacroix.

Gothenburg, Sweden
25 September 1987

She was married when we first met
Soon to be divorced
I helped her out of a jam I guess
But I used a little too much force

Roseland Ballroom
New York City, New York
19 October 1994

But all the while I was alone
The past was close behind
I seen a lot of women
But she never escaped my mind
And I just grew
Tangled up in blue

Copenhagen, Denmark
11 June 1998

She was workin’ in a topless place
And I stopped in for a beer
I just kept lookin’ at the side of her face
In the spotlight so clear

Continental Airlines Arena
East Rutherford, New Jersey
13 November 1999

She lit a burner on the stove
And offered me a pipe
I thought you’d never say hello, she said
You look like the silent type

Portsmouth, England
25 September 2000

Then she opened up a book of poems
And handed it to me
Written by an Italian poet
From the thirteenth century
And everyone of them words rang true
And glowed like burnin’ coal
Pourin’ off of every page
Like it was written in my soul
From me to you
Tangled up in blue

Cadillac Palace Theatre
Chicago, Illinois
10 November 2014

I lived with them on Montague Street
In a basement down the stairs
There was music in the cafés at night
And revolution in the air

Empire Polo Club
Indio, California
14 October 2016

But me, I’m still on the road
Headin’ for another joint
We always did feel the same
We just saw it from a different point of view
Tangled up in blue

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  1. That ’78 version is a whole different take on one of Bob’s best-loved (and most tinkered with) songs, and it is truly magnificent. I’ve probably heard recordings of 100-some versions (thanks to this website), and this slowed-down tempo with horns is revelatory. Totally love it; add it to the unending list of live songs we could only wish would get official releases!

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