Warren Zevon sings 6 Bob Dylan songs

This is a song by my hero
– Warren Zevon (intro to Dark Eyes in Cleveland, 2000)

We have done a couple of posts earlier of Bob Dylan doing Zevon’s songs, This time we look at Warren Zevon’s renditions of Bob Dylan’s songs. He has done quite a few and they are wonderful.

We found 6 Dylan songs in his repertoire, if there are more, please tell me in the comments.

Let’s start with the first of Warren Zevon’s Bob Dylan covers, If You Gotta go, Go Now. He was in a duo called Lyme and Cybelle and they did this interesting interpretation:

Let us now listen to his heartbreaking performance of Knocking on Heavens Door from his last album, The Wind:

Warren Zevon – Knocking on heavens door (audio):

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