Who’s your favorite songwriter – Lennon or McCartney ?

john lennon

This post is all about the songs…

Although the songs where credited Lennon-McCartney / McCartney-Lennon, one of them usually contributed more than the other.

Many books, interviews, articles & not at least the artwork itself  have helped us  get a sense of  who was the “mastermind” behind each song. Most of them where collaborations.. but usually one of them was more to “blame”.

Some important books on this subject:

My systematic approach to decide this issue… is to put up a top 10 list of my favorite Beatles songs.

The greatest Beatles songs:

  1. In My Life (1965)
  2. Strawberry Fields Forever (1966)
  3. A Day In The Life (1967)
  4. Hey Jude (1968)
  5. Something (1969)
  6. Eleanor Rigby (1966)
  7. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (1968)
  8. Yer Blues (1968)
  9. She Loves You (1963)
  10. Penny Lane (1967)
Me @ important location..

Based on my investigations… and this can not be facts.. but good estimates I believe:

  • In My Life (70/30 – Lennon)
  • Strawberry Fields Forever  (~100% Lennon)
  • A Day In The Life (60/40 – Lennon)
  • Hey Jude (~100% McCartney)
  • Something  (100% – Harrison)
  • Eleanor Rigby (85/15 – McCartney)
  • While My Guitar Gently Weeps (100% – Harrison)
  • Yer Blues (100% – Lennon)
  • She Loves you (50/50)
  • Penny Lane (~100% McCartney)

 In Conclusion:

We got 3 brilliant songwriters here. Most Beatles fans have strong opinions on who was the best songwriter.. or who was most important (some would even argue .. George Martin)

Their all GREAT!

BUT greatest of them all was John Lennon.

john lennon


Now.. for the good stuff

In My Life:

Strawberry Fields Forever:

A Day In Life:

Hey Jude:


Eleanore Rigby:

While My Guitar Gently Weeps:

Yer Blues:

She Loves you:

Penny Lane:


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