Hallgeir’s 2016 part 1: Best Concerts

It’s hard to sum up a whole year of cultural input. What does it mean to be best? For me it means, the stuff that moved me most, shook me, made me happy, made me sad, made me feel alive.

It’s been an eventful year. With ups and downs. This post will be “all over the place”, i will put in lists about a lot of things. But let us start with the traditional concert list.

These are the 20 best concerts I attended in 2016:

  1. Jason Isbell, Oslo, January (opening, John Moreland)
  2. Van Morrison, Bergen, July
  3. Sam Outlaw (opening, Darling West), Oslo, April
  4. Father John Misty (opening, Khruangbin), Oslo, May
  5. Bruce Springsteen, Oslo, June
  6. Paul McCartney, Bergen, June
  7. PJ Harvey, Oslo, August
  8. Lars Winnerbäck, Haugesund, November
  9. Wilco, Bergen, June
  10. Paal Flaata, Haugesund, October
  11. Israel Nash, Bergen, June
  12. Ida Jenshus, Veavågen, September
  13. Jason Isbell, Oslo, August
  14. Erlend Ropstad, Ferkingstad, August
  15. Erlend Ropstad, Oslo, October
  16. Patty Griffin, Bergen, June
  17. Christine and The Queen, Oslo, August
  18. Motorpsycho, Haugesund, April
  19. Erlend Ropstad, Oslo, August
  20. Brian Ritchey, Ferkingstad, October

The big difference from former years is that concerts by Scandinavian artists have sneaked into the list. It’s a pleasant surprise, and must mean that there are many good artists “at home”. I saw just over 50 shows this year, a lot less than in 2015, but that is part of the plan 🙂 I need to calm down a bit.

  • Hallgeir (next up is Literature)

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