Classic Concert: Paul McCartney and Wings Live at Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne 1975

Paul McCartney and Wings, ‘Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, Australia’

Recorded live on the 13th November, 1975, from the same tour that gave us, ‘Wings Over America’ (different leg). The material is mainly from the albums, ‘Band On The Run’ and ‘Venus And Mars’, but also giving us a little taste of what was to be released on ‘Wings At The Speed Of Sound’, the tour was also the first time they played Beatles tracks.

This show was recorded in full by Australia’s Channel 9, televisual broadcaster. The concert has been release previously as several audio bootlegs and on video with inferior quality.

In April 2019 an upgrade of the complete video was posted on YouTube – This was posted without the kanji subtitles that were present on the original Eastern broadcast (apparently showed in Japan as an excuse to fans who wouldn’t get to see them) so maybe it have been lifted from the original Channel 9 recordings.

Maybe not as good as the later 1976 shows (Wings over America), but a great historical document with a band having fun and being whipped into shape by McCartney.

Highlights: The long Lady Madonna, Call me back again and a very fine Maybe I’m Amazed.

This is a great find, enjoy.

Great Setlist!

0:50 – Venus And Mars
2:09 – Rock Show
6:22 – Jet
10:39 – Let Me Roll It
14:32 – Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
19:24 – Little Woman Love/C Moon
24:27 – Maybe I’m Amazed
30:02 – Lady Madonna (Beatles)
33:22 – The Long And Winding Road (Beatles)
38:03 – Live And Let Die
42:30 – Picasso’s Last Words (Drink To Me)
44:22 – Richard Cory (Simon & Garfunkel cover)
48:19 – Bluebird
52:26 – I’ve Just Seen A Face (Beatles)
55:07 – Blackbird (Beatles)
58:15 – Yesterday (Beatles)
1:00:56 – You Gave Me The Answer
1:03:20 – Magneto And Titanium Man
1:07:09 – Go Now (Bessie Banks cover)
1:11:30 – Call Me Back Again
1:16:14 – My Love
1:21:40 – Listen To What The Man Said
1:27:39 – Letting Go
1:33:41- Medicine Jar
1:38:32 – Junior’s Farm
1:43:32 – Band On The Run
1:53:00 – Hi Hi Hi
1:59:30 – Soily

One thought on “Classic Concert: Paul McCartney and Wings Live at Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne 1975

  1. This concert at the Myer Music Bowl on November 13th 1975 was shot,recorded and telecasted at a later date by ATV0 Melbourne now known as Network Ten. It was shot on three RCA TK45 studio cameras an one RCA TKP45 portable camera,channel Nine had no involvement in the show as mentioned on this site. I know because I was fortunate enough to have worked on this show.

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