Great Album: Daniel Romano – If I’ve only one time askin’

“George Jones sang about the old country legends; «You know this old world is full of singers, but just a few are chosen to tear your heart out when they sing.» Daniel Romano is one of the chosen.”
– Jan Eiesland (Dust of Daylight)

“I just want to make it as good as it was, that’s the only real goal, the difference between Taylor Swift and what I do is like the difference between The Bourne Identity and Hud: It’s too slow, too black-and-white, too much dialogue. They’re like, ‘When’s someone going to shoot someone in the face?’ ”
– Daniel Romano

Daniel Tavis Romano (born 1985) is a Canadian Juno-nominated country musician and visual artist based out of Welland, Ontario, where he was born and raised. He is primarily known as a solo artist, but he is also known for his membership in Attack in Black and also for his collaborations with Julie Doiron and Frederick Squire. He has also produced and performed with City & Colour. He released his 5th album in 2015.

If I’ve Only One Time Askin’ is a triumph, a massive step forward musically and lyrically, this is pure country music done by a man that loves it.  Daniel Romano plays like there is no bro-country, like there is no pop-country, he pours his heart out into classic country song writing. This album should be Daniel Romano’s big break-trough album. We love it.

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