The Saddest Songs: Two Soldiers (trad.) by Bob Dylan

Union soldiers before Maryes height second Fredericksburg in civil war (Public Domain photo from


Bob Dylan – Two Soldiers – The Saddest Songs


“I’ll do your bidding, comrade mine,
If I ride back again.
But if you ride back and I am left,
You’ll do as much for me.”

We get thrown right into a story of two Union soldiers during the Civil War who are about to go into battle. They promise each other to bring the message of their death to their loved ones in case they fall in the assault on a ridge. They both describe their longing for the ones that are waiting at home.  The rich language and storytelling is astounding. The song goes on and we witness the battle and the tragic death of both soldiers. And none will be able to give their promised and tender message of loss.

But among the dead that were left on the hill
Was the boy with the curly hair.
The tall dark man who rode by his side
Lay dead beside him there.
There’s no one to write to the blue-eyed girl
The words that her lover had said.
Momma, you know, awaits the news,
And she’ll only know he’s dead. Continue reading “The Saddest Songs: Two Soldiers (trad.) by Bob Dylan”