Bob Dylan: 5 GREAT live versions of his brilliant song “Most of the Time”

I don’t know who I am most of the time. It doesn’t even matter to me.
~Bob Dylan (David Gates interview Sept 1997)

Most of The Time” is a “big song,” a major work, the sort of listening experience that brings people back to an album again and again.
~Paul Williams (Bob Dylan: Performing Artist Volume 3: Mind Out Of Time 1986 And Beyond)

From the album Oh Mercy (September 18, 1989), recorded March 12, 1989 @ The Studio, New Orleans, Louisiana. Produced by Daniel Lanois.

Live performances:

  • 23 times in 1989
  • 2 times in 1990
  • 11 times in 1992
  • First played – Beacon Theatre, NYC, 10 October 1989
  • Last performance – San Jose, California, 9 May 1992

The Beacon Theatre
New York City, New York
12 October 1989

Most of the time
I’m clear focused all around
Most of the time
I can keep both feet on the ground
I can follow the path
I can read the signs
Stay right with it

The Opera House
Boston, Massachusetts
24 October 1989

When the road unwinds
I can handle whatever
I stumble upon
I don’t even notice
She’s gone
Most of the time

Ben Light Gymnasium
Ithaca College
Ithaca, New York
29 October 1989

Most of the time
It’s well understood
Most of the time
I wouldn’t change it if i could
I can’t make it all match up
I can hold my own

Hammersmith Odeon
London, England
7 February 1990

Most of the time
My head is on straight
Most of the time
I’m strong enough not to hate
I don’t build up illusion
‘Till it makes me sick

San José Event State Center
San José, California
9 May 1992

Most of the time
I know exactly where it all went
I don’t cheat on myself
I don’t run and hide
Hide from the feelings
That are buried inside
I don’t compromise
And i don’t pretend
I don’t even care
If i ever see her again
Most of the time

One thought on “Bob Dylan: 5 GREAT live versions of his brilliant song “Most of the Time”

  1. Like anyone who has loved and lost, I have at times found this song unbelievably meaningful and unbearably sad. Lyrics like this hit with a cosmic force; who but Dylan can put down in writing such simple eloquence?

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