January 9: Joan Baez was born in 1941 – here singing Bob Dylan songs


Joan Baez has recorded many Dylan songs. Her unique and beautiful voice carries some of them to different places. For many Dylan enthusiasts, Joan Baez’s interpretations are the only tolerable ones, besides Dylan’s own 🙂

Baez first met Dylan in 1961 at Gerde’s Folk City in New York City’s Greenwich Village.

Here are my chosen 5:

Farewell Angelina:

Check out this full post about the song.

Bob Joan

It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue:

Joan Bob

Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands:

A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall:

Bob Joan 2

Forever Young (live, 1989):

I think I’ll stop there, I could have made a much longer list, but please voice your view in the comments.

– Hallgeir