Chrissie Hynde & James Walbourne – The Bob Dylan Lockdown Series (now 9 songs)

“Hi Ya’ll!

I was so buoyed up by the new Dylan songs that I talked to Pretenders Guitar playing hot-shot James Walbourne and we decided it’s a good time to do those Dylan songs we’ve always talked about doing.
Every singer-songwriter in the world covers the master’s songs and there is an endless supply of them. So we’ve started, and will do one a week until lockdown ends.

The First one is off the Shot of Love album, In The Summertime. We did it from home on our phones. I did the rhythm – sent it to James, he added guitar , sent it back to me, i put on the vocal , sent it back to him, he put on some back up vocals and organ, then we sent it to Tchad Blake to tidy up. I know you don’t need the behind the scenes details so I won’t repeat myself on the next one.

– Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders YouTube Channel)

They have now  done 9 very fine Bob Dylan covers, with some nice short-films attached. I love the way sound from the short-film slips into the music sometimes.

My three favourites so far are: Tomorrow is a long time, Blind Willie McTell and Every Grain Of Sand

In the Summer Time:

Chrissie Hynde talked to Rolling Stone  and told how “I Contain Multitudes” sparked the whole idea:

“It’s f***ing devastating”

“Murder Most Foul,” released in March — very early in the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown  was also an inspiration.

” I was in an odd frame of mind. It brought back my whole childhood and my past,I remembered exactly where I was sitting in the sixth grade at my desk when the news of JFK’s assassination came over the Tannoy P.A. system. Then I was thinking about Bob and how significant he’s been throughout my lifetime — and everyone’s lives. I’ve gone to see shows of his, and there are grown men, older than me, standing up, like, in tears just because he’s there.”

You’re a big girl now:

For her running “Dylan Lockdown Series” (now 9 songs),  she teamed up with Pretenders guitarist James Walbourne.

Standing in the doorway:


Sweetheart like you:

Chrissie Hynde told Rolling Stone she struggled with some elements of the series: adding her own touch to some of Dylan’s lyrics, avoiding potential negativity from hardcore Dylan fans.

Blind Willie McTell:

I”t’s been an interesting and fun thing to do. I’m very grateful to have the time to do this, because otherwise I’d be on a tour bus right now,”
– Chrissie Hynde

Love minus zero:

Don’t fall apart on me tonight:

Tomorrow is a long time:

Every grain of sand:

Check the Pretenders YouTube channel for more Dylan lockdown covers in the time to come.

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  1. It’s been interesting to see what creativity Lockdown has prompted in different people, their particular responses to the situation – these feel at least as much for Chrissie as for the world at large.

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